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Friday, September 9, 2011

.: Sep 09, 2011 :.

It started 2 years ago..
He proposed me to be his official lover of his heart..
Along with a cute brown teddy bear, he did it..
I'm surprise of course..
The confirmation moment I waited anxiously.. 
(Especially after I had fever after 'it' happen)..

And now, he is mine..
He is my hubby..
Papa for our kid(s)..

Abang, sayang mohon ampun dan maaf if selama ni TERbanyak sangat lah menjawab yang bukan2.. Damn serious, tak terniat pun di hati nak melawan kate..
It just.. The words smoothly came out from my lips..
Once again, dari hujung rambut, sampai lah ke hujung kuku kaki, sayang mohon ampun di atas segala kekasaran bahasa dan keterlanjuran perbuatan..kadang-kadang sayang ader termerajuk tu, mohon diampunkan jugak eh..
Mohon halalkan jugak makan minum sayang selama ni..

I'm so grateful and honour to be your wife..
And also..
Mummy for our kid(s)..


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