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Monday, June 28, 2010

.: She's Getting Married :.

From left: Me, Haw Haw & My Twin: Ct
Johore Matriculation College's 2nd intake student..
We were roommate: Block E: Al-Biruni..
We were classmate: PF03..
We shared same birth day: 22nd November 1985
We shared same interest..
We shared almost everything together..
We went everywhere together..
They said we were like twins but different mom and dad.. 
She's getting married soon..
So happy for her..

.: Outstation Again :.

Minggu kedua aku kene outstation.. Minggu lepas ke Kulim.. This week ku di Temerloh.. Next week, menerbangkan diri ke Kota Kinabalu.. Forced to leave behind my cayangness.. Miss you..