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Friday, July 31, 2009

.: Updating :.

It's been a while since I'm not updating my blog..
Well, here's some info about me recently..

Sedang rakan-rakanku bertungkus lumus prepare for their last paper (BRM) sem lepas, aku duk menyibukkan diri di Tioman.. Paper tak abis g tapi dh bercuti dulu sebelum rakan2ku.. hee..

For the first time, went to a concert.. :)

By's engagement day.. 4 July 2009..

Old pal's wedding ceremony.. 5 July 209..

Kak Marhani's engagement day..25 July 2009..

Memfokuskan diri di kuliah..

Last but not least..Currently, aku tgh bercuti semester ni.. Br start semester baru sebulan yg lepas dh dpt cuti dh.. Ni sume gara2 penularan virus H1N1 kat UPM lah ni.. UPM diisytiharkan tutup startting from 29 July 2009 till 4 August 2009..

That's all for now.. i'll updating my blog really soon.. ;p Happy Holiday..!! Adios..