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Monday, August 24, 2009

.: My Weekend :.

Hari ni, 3rd Ramadhan dh..
Xtido2 lagi since pukul 10 pagi smlm..
Menyiapkan take home exam ni hah..
Nmpk cam soklan die straight forward je..
Tapi bile nk writing nye.. Blurr...huhu..

1st Ramadhan tu, bsahur dgn ayam masak asam pedas..
Dimasak sendiri oleh diriku ini.. hee..
Then g balik Mu0..
Buke pose di kampung.. Yeah!!
2 hari di kampung..
Smp kolej 15 minit kol doblas..
Nasib baik sempat..

Nak menyambung keje lah..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

.; What a Bored Weekend :.

Semlm asyik makan..tdo..tv..makan..tdo..tv..
Arini merajinkan diri g library.. ;p

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

.: UPM 33rd Convocation, 11th August 2009 :.

Congratulation to Miss By & Miss Dila for completing their master and degree.. :)

Qiqi+By+Kak Syue

Biler lah plak nk pki jubah double line ni.. Aiyak.. chaiyok2...

.: My New Sony Alpha A330 :.

After just aiming the SLR camera, I finally own one on 2nd August 2009.. Hee.. So excited about it..

Front view

The articulating screen

View from the back

More than one card can be accepted and the HDMI port

The built in flash