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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

.: Toyota Vios 1.5 TRD Sportivo (AT) :.

First time tgk kete ni, dh jatuh hati..hee..
simple but sporty..
wishing that someday, one of it would be mine..*wink *wink

.: 2010 Wishlist :.

Tahun 2010 dah tiba hari ke13..
Aku baru berpeluang untuk update blog aku ni..
Huhu.. Nak kate busy sangat, xde lah jugak..tapi busy lah sikit2..hehe..
Tapi skrg ni, dh xde keje nk buat..
Puaslah dari pagi td aku berfacebook..chech email..download lagu..layan BSB music video..
Skrg ni dek kerana dah terlampau bosan duk bertenet dr pagi without doing anything, akhirnya aku smp seru nak update blog aku ni..

Pejam celik pejam celik, masa sebenarnya cepat meninggalkan kita tanpa disedari..
So, before ianya beralih lagi, there are things that hopefully to be accomplish this year..

*List below bukan dlm urutan kepentingan*
01 : Jaga my relationship with such a great person to me, ASA. Do hope that what I've done last year which made him so mad of me would not be repeated again. So sorry about that..huhu..<-- On going
02 : I need to find and get a real job. <-- Still searching
03 : If possible, I want to buy a car.. Affordable one..So that, it would be easy for me to go and back from work..<-- Wish achieved :D
04 : Introduce DSA to mama & abah.. ;P <-- Unofficially, it's done!! :)
05 : Spent less & Save more.. Dalam kepala ni, banyak betul benda yang nak dibeli tapi ditahan..huu.. Especially for 2011.. <-- In process
06 : Trying to be someone better for him.. <-- On going
07 : This wish had been hidden for viewers.. *wink*
08 : Wanna buy new watch.. <-- Surveying for that moment ;p
09 :
This wish had come true..so I decided to hidden it in my wishlist.. :)

**latest updated on 29th March 2010**