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Thursday, February 26, 2009

.: Missing Someone :.

Lately, everything seems so not right.. last week xlah mcm ni.. starting this week je dh lain.. huhu.. wanna cry when thinking bout it.. Why it's happen?? and How i can fix back this situation just like the old times?? huhu..

Monday, February 23, 2009

.: Dinner K12 :.

Antara yang hadir on that day...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

.: End of 2nd Trimester :.

What a relief.. 'sigh'... after 1 week struggle in a tough week, finally yesterday it come to the end.. yesterday was my last paper.. so, starting from today, it's holiday time.. for 2 weeks.. I need a vacation.. Thinking of something with the blue sky and blue water.. But.. Where to go??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

.: Take 5 :.

Title tu jer yg take 5.. hee.. padahal dh berjam2 break ni.. since balik dr exam finance tadi.. huhu.. tambah plak dgn selsema ni x kurang2 dr 2 ari lepas, sedap jelah tdo tadi.. kol 4.30 ptg br bgn tido... huhu... pastu meronggeng je memanjang... :p tension punye pasal lah ni.. smlm stay up untuk study lah kononnye... last2 ape yg kuar tak same dgn ape yg di study.. haru... rase mcm antar dgn jawapan yang ntah hape hape je td... aish.. horror sungguh... tak penah rasenye setension ini... huhu... :'( xmoh dh lah pikirkan pasal ni.. as mama said tadi, don't think about today's exam lagi.. just focus on my last final paper (this friday).. i'm so excited to go through that day.. :) chow...

.: Management Information System Class :.

Smlm final paper MIS.. so, that's mean pasni it's hard to see Dr. Yusmadi lg.. huhu..Dh 1 semester berlalu.. Tanpa disedari, cepat sungguh mase berlalu.. Ini bermakne, aku de lagi 2 semester lagi di UPM ni.. huhu... Chaiyok2!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

.: Staying Up :.

It's all because of final exam is just around da corner..

First paper (16.2) - Human Resource Management
2nd paper (17.2) - Management Information System
3rd paper (18.2) - Financial Management
Last paper (20.2) - Marketing Management

Haiyyoo... Why we need to sit for the exam..?? huhu..

.: Nasyid @ Fourteen :.

Tarikh: 14 Februari 2009
Tempat : Dewan Putra 2, Kolej Serumpun, UPM

Asalnye, tak tau pun de program ni.. hee.. aku dpt tau ni pun sbb ari jumaat lepas Husna call.. die suh aku ganti tpt ayhanda ke program ni.. huhu... mule2 tu, belah bahagi jugak nk pegi.. isnin exam, tapi tak start study pun lagi.. huh.. aish... tp aku pegi lah jugak program ni... best jugak.. siap de artis jemputan lagi..so pasni, layan lagu nasyid plak lah.. hahaha... layan...

.: Just Curious :.

To look at their cheerful & happy faces...
I'm willingly to do anything for them..
I don't mind to do so..
Even deep down in my little heart, sometimes it's hurt me.. A lot..
But I don't care..
As long as I can make them happy, that's more than enough for me..

But yet, someone told me..
To make other people happy by hurting ourselves, it's a STUPID thing to do..

Is it true??

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

.: Try n Error :.

Huhu.. Tak penah2 pki selendang.. Ni lah first time aku nk try.. Tupun emergency.. Gara-gara malas nk mengiron tudung.. tarik jer lah selendang kat hanger dlm almari tu.. Lilit punye lilit, finally, dgn skali lilit je, hasilnye cam dh ok.. puas hatilh.. comey jugak.. hahaha... ;) hee...

.: Pagi Yang Memenatkan :.

It's all start when my K770i berbunyi.. It's shows that the time is already 6.00 am.. huhu.. Kene bangun n siap.. Pagi ni nak tumpang org g opis.. smlm Hari dh call suruh submit all 165 books.. but, xdpt nk antar coz no transport.. Tgh2 siap tu, sempat lag men Facebook.. Pet Society.. Hehehe..

Around 8am smp opis.. After settle everything dgn Hari, aku kene cepat2 pulak g GSM.. pagi ni ader class Marketing Management.. Last class.. huhu.. terpakse lah cross flyover depan K10/K11 ni.. Nak nek bus plak.. Aish.. Penatnye kaki berjalan... huhu..

---> Tempat2 yg dilalui..huhu.. <---

.: Old Town White Coffee :.

It's all begin when one day, I really want to eat nasi lemak so badly.. Cam mengidam plak.. hee.. so, by suggest kan dekat old town white coffee.. and for the second time (after OTWC Jusco Cheras Selatan), Old Time White Coffee, South City Plaza, here we come.. hehehe.. And it's true nasi lemak kat situ, bleh tahan sedap..

And for the third time, pegi Old Town White Coffee, Bangi plak.. Yippie!!!

I like the place.. It's classic.. ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

.: Datastream Class :.

Right now, I'm suppose to listen about what is datastream.. the speaker in front explainning to all of us about it.. but me, i'm totally not understand what is he talking about.. huhu.. In fact, it not just me i guess.. my classmate from financial management class are just the same as me.. they all are just doing something else at the back.. huhuhu.. This datastream should be useful to me if i'm going to do any research in business.. but i cant totally understand what he's talking about.. so how.. haiiyaa... this introduction class for datastream should not be like this way.. it should be done practically rather than just theoritically..Aish.. when it's going to end.. :'(