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Monday, March 29, 2010

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Lately, memang tak banyak sangat keje kat opis ni.. kebosanan tahap gaban..huhu..so, sementara free sikit ni (byk sbnrnye), just go through internet looking for a better job..yang mana rase agak2 sesuai tu, I'll apply.. But just bleh apply under degree.. huhu..konvokesyen for my master degree lambat lagi.. Bulan Oktober nnti.. A few updates from me. Can't remember much exactly..

23rd January 2010 - 27th January 2010 --> I'm out to Alor Setar, Kedah. My little sister got accepted to Sekolah Menengah Teknik Alor Setar

27th February 2010 --> Bring my JaMBu home from Muar, Johor

13th March 2010 --> I've got MTest! End of the test, my head spinning like a roller coster

14th March 2010 --> Kak Marhani's wedding reception

20th March 2010 --> Mabilia ke-4

Well, that's all I can remember.. Hopefully next time I'll update this blog regularly.
Till next time. Keep on blogging. :p

1st time being introduced to public. My JaMBu.

B4 masuk bilik exam MTest.

Kak Marhani's Reception Day.

Sama-sama :p

Mabilia Ke-4, Dewan PJSD.

I Loike!! :)

Suke lah tu..Hmm..

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