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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

.: Bestfriends?? :.

Someone ask me who is my bestfriend..??
I took a looonnnggg pause before I said 'ntah'..
The question is simple..
But still..I can't answer his question..

Now, I wonder why is that??
Maybe because for me, all my friends are my bestfriends..
Actually, what is the criteria to be one?

Is it being happy with the person?
If that so, I'm always happy when being with my frenz..

Is it sharing secret with the person will be the criteria to be bestfriends?
If that so, nobody is my besfren ..I'm not the one who can share everything to a person.. I'm some kind of secretive person.. if I share with anyone, the person would not know the whole story from me..and if they really wanna know, they need to gather all the information from other people..

Is it feel all the feeling like sad, joy, happiness, angry and so on together with the person?
To build such a friendship, there's gonna be some incident that were not planned by us..feeling like that will strengthen the relationship..

Is it bonding with a special chemistry with each other?
Honestly, I'm not a friendly person.. when meeting new people, I'm gonna need some times to adapt the new environment and can communicate better with the person..

Is it by spending a lot of time together with the person?
We can't control other person's time just to be with us.. this is why because friendships and relationships change depending on our life stage, single status, financial situation, and living arrangements.

So, actually what's the criteria to be besfren for someone??
For me, there's no specific criteria.. we live in such a short term world.. so, I'm just enjoying my life by building such a strong friendship with all my deary friends..

But one thing I definitely know, I've got very close friends that always support me whatever and whenever I do..

Love you all always.. xoxo..

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