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Friday, January 9, 2009

.: New Year Resolution :.

Wanna be someone better than last year

Wanna be a good daughter..
Wanna be a good sister to my younger brother n sister..

Wanna be a good little sister to my elder brother..

Wanna be a good person to someone..

Wanna be a good person to my friends..

n last but not least,

Wanna be a good servant to the ONE..

2. Master of business administration

Insyaallah.. by the end of this year, i'm gonna end my study.. huhu.. when thinking of that, i'm so excited..!! Yippee!! Can't wait to that moment.. Hee.. but of course to end it, i'm gonna went through such a lot of hard resistanse.. Huuu... Need to study hard but smart lorr.. :)


Tgk org lain de blog, cambest jer nk berblog ni.. huhu.. so, i decided to start my own blog.. huhu.. but i dont know till when aku dpt bertahan nk berblog ni..hee... the reason is, i dont know how to express myself.. One thing for sure, express it through writing is much more easy when you wanna express it orally...


  1. happy new year.
    even dah terlewat 16 hari.
    semoga apa yg akak impikn akan menjadi sesuatu yg membahagikan.

    aja2 fighting!!!!

  2. hi nurul..ur blog is nice..got song..and romantic colour..i wanna set my blog songs too...